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Before going further, you must be sure that you are not going to engage in illegal activities because our site contains a tool that allows you to Hack Facebook. Our site is only intended to help users who have lost or forgotten their Facebook passwords and is in no way intended to be used for malicious purposes.

It is with great pride that we present our fantastic website (Hack a Facebook account) that allows everyone, even children, to learn how to hack a Facebook in a professional way. We created this site for experimental purposes, but it is nonetheless very efficient.

Unless you're a genius at cryptography, hacking into a Facebook account is virtually impossible. Putting the algorithm in place is far too complex and time consuming. But with the support of our FLM panel, it is quite possible to hack the password of any account for free and efficiently.

How to hack a Facebook account?

There are many ways to hack a Facebook account. Indeed, most ordinary accounts can be hacked with en.face-geek.com. The process is really simple since everything is already prepared, programmed and maintained by us.

To begin, it is necessary to identify the target whose Facebook account you want to hack, namely your boyfriend, your best friend or someone you knew on Facebook. Go to their profile, copy and paste their ID into our hacking panel. We'll take care of the rest.

How to hack facebook account

Hack a Facebook account may seem complicated for you, but we have the best method for you. Thanks to our algorithms, the Facebook password is automatically recovered, as long as it does not exceed 20 characters, in just a few minutes.

- In 70% of the cases, the hacking is done in just a few minutes (1 to 4 minutes).
- In 27% of cases, password recovery takes 5 to 7 minutes.
- In 3% of the cases, the recovery is done in a few hours.

How it all works

The operation of our system has different aspects that will be discussed below in a non-detailed manner for security reasons. You will find below the main aspects on which our algorithms are based. The flaws detected on the Facebook site, allows the hacking algorithms to make a considerable number of attempts for the same Facebook account, which in hacker jargon is called brute force. After countless attempts, these will allow us to retrieve the correct password for the provided account, provided that, the account password is not too long (less than 20 characters). If the password is longer than 20 characters, we will proceed with an Ems hacking, in other words "EH_DIRECTPHANTOM-SCRIPT", a script designed by our best hackers.

How to use Facebook hacker

How to hack a facebook account with phishing?

Phishing is a type of hacking attack that tricks victims into providing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords etc. As for Facebook, hackers will create a web page or app that looks exactly like the official Facebook page and try to trick the victim into logging into the fake site. This will give the hackers the login credentials.

Our FLM Facebook Hacker Panel

Welcome to the fully functional and ready-to-use Facebook Hacker Panel. We offer an effective system for all users who have lost access to their Facebook account or who wish to learn how to hack a Facebook account.

Our Facebook Hacking Panel

Safe and Secure Panel

Because we care about your security and anonymity, we use multiple VPN servers. This way, we guarantee total anonymity, the best security and quality service. Free and anonymous service

The most sophisticated technology

We send random sensitive data to the Facebook servers, which only perceive inconsistent data and are forced to respond. This data is just a gigantic code that is impossible to translate with a single hidden and functional query. When the Facebook server is overwhelmed by this incoherent code, the work request launches a small command that returns the password and username information.

Beginners friendly

Face-Geek.com is a platform that allows you to learn how to effortlessly break into the Facebook account of any of your loved ones without any computer background

An easy-to-use Panel

As mentioned above, hacking with our panel is child's play. Our panel will give you access to a platform that will allow you to access messages, hidden photos... etc. of any account, and also gives you the possibility to delete or modify all its content.

Quality service

Many sites appear each month to disappear the following month. Indeed, most of them are actually scams that are unable to do the job they promise. For our part, we offer a professional, reliable and safe service that we update daily and which has been in existence for 8 years now.

What is Facebook and what is it used for?

Facebook has become an indisputable icon of the modern Internet. However, Facebook has a unique combination of several factors that make it the number one site in the world in terms of number of registered users. As a social networking site, Facebook aims to connect people from all over the world by allowing them to share ideas, conversations, photos and videos with other users on the network. The origin of Facebook dates back to 2004, when the site was officially launched on the Internet. At that time, MySpace was the leader in the field and was taking the lion's share of the market, but in just over two years, Facebook made its way to the top, overtaking most of the other sites that shared the growing social networking market. In 2008, the number of users on the site surpassed 100 million. That was a record number.

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