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By | 14 October 2017

To help you get better results on Facebook or to make this app more fun, here are 14 tricks or Facebook hacks and features that you should maximize. Some of which may be familiar to you already, but was not able to perfect it, others are new to you.

If people mention about social media, the first thing that would enter their minds is Facebook. It is considered as the biggest social media platform today, but not all are aware of how big it is. In September 2016, Facebook recorded its highest daily active users at 1.2 billion. This is one of the reasons why you should promote your brand, gain market advantages and establish yourself in Facebook.

Facebook Hacks: Optimize Your Profile

You are aware that you need to have a good profile. It is the first thing that people will see when they visit your Facebook page. Because one way to attract attention is by synchronizing your profile picture with your background. There are lots of online apps that can help you create an impressive one.

Enable Uploading of High-Definition Photos

Mobile devices generate amazingly good photos. These HD photos require more space thus Facebook has not set this by default. This is one thing that most people forget, to enable the upload of HD photos. If you notice the first few photos you uploaded in Facebook has poor quality. After you enabled the option, you can upload high-quality photos and videos.

Use the Call to Action Tabs

Facebook wants to make sure that they will not be left out by other social media platforms so they added another feature on their site, the call to action button. Through this ( one of the best Facebook hacks), your customers can easily click on the tab if they want to purchase a product or get your service. The call to action button definitely enables that.

Unlock the Hidden Basketball Game

You probably never heard of this feature. Yes, the Facebook messenger has a hidden basketball game and you can unlock it by sending a basketball emoji to your friend and click on it. That will enable the game and you and your friend can play the game and get a high score.

Get Update on All the Activity of a Particular Person

Especially relevant, this is one feature you should really try. If you want to track a relative or friend’s activity, regardless whether they post or share something you can use this feature. It is like stalking someone, if you think this is not possible on Facebook then you are wrong. So, just go to your relative or friend’s profile and mark him as an Acquaintance. You will see all the updates about that person on your news feed and you will be notified as well unless you opted out on those features in your settings.

Unfollow Him but Keep His Profile

Sometimes you get annoyed seeing the same old faces on Facebook. There are people who post everything they do and is boring to see them. You can actually do that without losing access to their profile. Or just simply go to their profile and unfollow them. You will no longer see their faces on your news feed.

Remove Access to a Device

For instance, you sold your mobile phone to a friend, but you forgot to log off your Facebook. Do not panic, you can log it off with this simple solution. Go to settings, then click the security tab and to the Where You’re Logged in the tab. Upon clicking it you will see the devices you have given access. You can simply remove the device from the list and the one holding your mobile phone will no longer get access to your Facebook account.

Protect Your Account from Hackers

Some Facebook hacks are in fact a step against hackers. To keep your account protected against hacker follow this simple steps – go to security settings and enable all the login alerts. Each time someone tries to get access to your account, you will receive a notification. This will let you react on time in case someone with malicious intentions has accessed your account.

Enable Status Update via Text

If you do not have an Internet connection in your location, you can actually text Facebook and let them post a particular Status update. That could actually save you in certain situations. Just send them a Message to 32665 with the title “F” and then the status update as the content.

Get Updated via Text

Another cool feature of Facebook Texts is the ability to receive all sorts of new information via text without using the application. If you want to get all the status updates of a certain person, just opt in for that option in the settings menu.

Download What You Have on Facebook

Downloading may take up a lot of your time and hardware space. As a result,  you can download everything you have done using the Facebook. Whatever reason you have why you need to download them, the feature can be found on the settings menu and click on the “download a copy of your Facebook data.”

Turn Off Auto Playing of Videos

The auto-playing of videos in Facebook is not a pleasing feature for some people. You can actually turn it off completely by going to the videos tab in your settings and turn off the Auto-Play feature. You will not lose internet traffic if you turn off this feature.

The Poke Feature

You probably have completely forgotten about the poke feature. This feature is still available until now but only a few are aware that it still exists. Go to the profile page of a friend and click the three dots you will see next to their messages tab. If you click it dropped down will show the option including to poke the person.

Check Out Who Stalks You

One of the newest features of Facebook is the Facebook stories, where you can post photos for 24 hours and your friends could view it. The best thing about it is that you could view, who viewed your photos. If you find the same person checking out your Facebook Stories every day, then he must be interested in you.

In conclusion, you can improve your page with this amazing Facebook Hacks and get the best results.

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