10 Methods on Hacking a Facebook Account

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By | 14 October 2017

Every individual has its own reasons why they want to hack Facebook account of another person. Some people simply want to get access to your personal information and amazing photos. Others just want to read some private conversation of yours. Below are some of the methods used in hacking a Facebook account. Read more about Facebook Hacking Here

Phishing to hack Facebook

This is the most common and the easiest way to hack Facebook account of your friend. It has been used by hackers for over a decade. The process is simple – you need to create an identical Facebook interface. Then, you will send out an email encouraging the receiver of the email to click the link you have provided. This is done to steal someone else password. The email includes a call to action that you need to change your password or log into your account to update or for other reasons.

If you are not smart enough, you will simply follow what the email says and then supply them what they need. The moment you use their link and provide your username and password on that website you will be sending them directly your important information. The only thing that you need to do prevent this is to confirm first the email or avoid logging in using the link sent to you.

Social Engineering

Although this does not actually fall under the definition of hacking, it is still one of the most common methods to hack Facebook account. The method involves the collection of personal information of an individual with regards to their birth dates, names of their pets, phone numbers, etc. This data could be useful as their security answers and questions.

Once the hacker gets the information that he needs he can get access to your account bypassing the security on a common way. To protect yourself keep all your information as private as possible and not just provide your pet names as an answer even if it is a security question.

Password Grabbing

This method will not attack your Facebook account directly but instead use another site in which you are a member, which is easier to break in. If they were able to penetrate that website and steal your data including your password to hack Facebook. So they can access your Facebook account if you are using the same password. The best way to protect yourself is to have a different password for each website you are signing up.

Key Logging

This is software that functions on the background and records all the important keys you press. So, if you log into your account while the key logging is running in the background,  to the hacker will get the details via a report. Never install a software on your PC if you don´t know the origin , nor let anyone use it either even those close to you might do it.

Hack through Browser Extensions

Browser extension installation is yet another method that hackers use to access your accounts. Most of the time if you visit an website you will receive a question to install a browser add-on. After doing that you can start posting any stuff on your Facebook as the extension already have access to it and you are not even aware it is happening. Do not trust websites that you are not aware of when it comes to installing something to your PC. Facebook details would be the last that you will think of.

Facebook App Hack

Most websites have the option to login into the Facebook account. Although it cannot steal your personal data, it can perform several malicious things. As soon as you click to log in using your Facebook account, a permission box will be displayed. Be careful on whom you are giving permission of. You could be giving access to your private photos or they can post on your account.

Browser Exploits

Although Facebook has the most secure platforms today, the tool you are using to access it is not so secure. Most of the browsers are vulnerable which hackers take advantage of to gain access to your saved passwords. To prevent this, make sure that your browser is up to date all the time. It is important also that your operating system is up to date. It will prevent any possible threats. The latest version of browsers is more secure since most developers are focusing on security.

XSS Scam

The acronym stands for Cross Site Scripting. Experts refer to this as major security vulnerability for web apps. It enables hackers to put the script into web pages and reach visitors system.  If someone promises you to help you access someone else’s account be careful. The hacker will force you into a SelfXSS. This will allow him to access your account, instead of getting access to your target person. Never copy-paste code lines into the console line, no matter what your purpose is.

Good Old Trojan horse

You have heard of this virus in the past and it remains to be the most popular nowadays. It is a software that will not just let you spy on a person’s PC but gives you access as well into it. It acts as a keylogger but the hacker could do whatever he wants in your account or on your PC. If the hacker wants to delete all your info he can do so and there is nothing that you can do about it.

You have been warned several times, never ever install third-party software if you are not sure about its security system. This will keep you protected from such occurrences. Always keep in mind that you should not download any sort of files from unknown sources, nor open the links.

Facebook’s Zero Day

The Facebook staff is running this program. People can try to hack their application using different tools to look for new vulnerabilities and provide a solution right away. You will get a job offer or cash price depending on their terms.

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about it if someone finds the vulnerability and uses it to hack your app or account. Such instances are rather unlikely and should not be taken into consideration.

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